Tg2 Storie racconta il viaggio ad Aleppo che ho intrapreso con Enea Discepoli al fianco dei giovani media attivisti Siriani. Servizio di Rita Rocca Tg2 Storie tells the story of my journey to Aleppo with Enea Discepoli, photoreporter, sided by youn syrian media activists. Produced by Rita Rocca.


Ruben Lagattolla is a documentary filmmaker and video reporter with a focus on conflict zones and humanitarian issues. He has worked extensively in Iraqi Kurdistan and throughout Middle East and investigated on migrations all around the Mediterranean Sea.

Ruben has written and produced reportages and documentaries for RSI (Swiss National TV) and TV2000 and produced documentaries which have screened at international film festivals where they have been nominated for top awards.

He is part of the UNESCO Roster of Experts for Syria and of the Frontline Freelance Register and Documentary Studies Professor in Marche Music College


- UNHCR Refugee Film Festival (Tokyo, New Delhi, Hong Kong)

- RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival

- Pondicherry Documentary and Short Film Festival

- Sardinia Film Festival (Award for Best Italian Documentary)

- Festival Internazionale del film documentario - Marcellino de Baggis (Taranto)

- Clorofilla Film Festival


Italian filmmaker Ruben Lagattolla made a journey to the heart of the Syrian civil war in Aleppo in 2014. He talks about his film Young Syrian Lenses based on 'media activists' of Aleppo, the excesses of the Assad regime and the price people paid to fight a dictatorship.